I want you to know...

1. I’m an ideas person who follow though.

So many people have great ideas. Far fewer know how to do what it takes to make that vision come to life. From my 15 year career in advertising, I understand the complexities and challenges of the creative process AND the follow through process. I’ve learned that it’s rare for a single person to possess those skills and qualities. I’m grateful to have a firm grasp on both, and love helping my clients get to the finish line on their projects.

2. I have mad brainstorming skills.

I love to help generate ideas, and then help my clients articulate what to say and how to say it. Language is a sixth sense for me. I understand how people think and know how to speak their particular language in a way that feels direct and personal.

3. I’m not afraid of the dark.... or the light.

I go deep with my clients to explore the roots of their suffering and shed light into the darkness. They say you can never take clients deeper than you’ve gone yourself. I’ve done the work. I continue doing the work for my own healing and so that I can be a trusted guide.

4. I love to laugh. And I'm never afraid to laugh at myself.

I love surprises. I’m up for nearly every new adventure. And I can’t dance or sing but that’s never stopped me from doing either.

These are my superpowers. Do you know yours?

I believe that creativity has the power to heal our lives and change the world.
If the answer is, I’m not 100% sure, let’s have a conversation. If you’re super creative, but can sometimes lack confidence and focus, you are my people. And if you’re aware of your shadow side, but are sometimes hesitant to visit that  neighborhood alone, know this: it helps to have good company.
“I wish everyone could have a Laurie to help them in their lives! Working with Laurie is a gift to give yourself to help you to live the life you want – and to really discover what that is! When I’m feeling lost and down a session with Laurie makes me feel completely shifted, it’s like a chiropractic adjustment for my soul. I can’t really say enough about how warm and inviting Laurie is. I feel loved and championed by her in a way that is completely attuned.”
– Jessica Rollins, Captain of Sacajewa