The Paradox:

A creative block feels serious, yet it’s a sign that it’s time to play.

Creative Block was born to help you lighten up and make a game out of changing your mind. By introducing dynamic ideas and new ways of thinking, your usual patterns get disrupted. Your mind gets a little bendy, allowing fresh possibilities to emerge.

Pick a card, any card.

Creative Block isn’t magic but the results can be magical. Inside you’ll discover over 100 curated breakthrough suggestions from artists, meuroscientists, mindfulness and creativity experts —all designed to get you into a new headspace, and back to your craft. Consider it a game with just one rule: stay open.

​How to play:

Step 1. Pick a card
Step 2. Follow directions
Step 3. Breakthrough
“Laurie Shiers’s Creative Block continues to be my go-to inspirational tool. As a new business owner, The Creative Block is loaded with fresh and practical solutions that help break the fogginess that occurs when you’re building something from the ground up. I literally tape them to my bathroom mirror as the insights are not only light-hearted but energetically useful to allow for meaningful clarity. Thank you for helping me help myself! ”
― Corey Spiegel