A secret dream, unearthed.

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Yo baby pop

You know how when you meet someone you get all these images of the kinds of things you could see that person doing? For example, I could totally see my mailman Jimmy playing golf or making dinner, but could never imagine him being the bid caller at an auction. It just doesn’t seem like something he would ever do. And the truth is, I’ll never find out what he likes unless Jimmy and I have an actual conversation.  But the point is, even without words, my imagination has run wild. 

And that, friends, is our imagination’s job.  It is a wild horse, but we have the reins.

When I’m out for a run, I let my wild horse run free. When I put on the right music, my horse kicks up all kinds of inspiration, which is what happened this morning.  I put on a playlist that triggered this childhood dream of being a spoken word artist/rapper/singer.      

You’re probably saying whaaaa? That’s not something you imagined me doing– unless you know me really well.  If you did, it would make perfect sense. I’m a writer, a word nerd and a sucker for a good beat. I grew up listening to  Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys and even now, can recite (almost) every lyric to Hamilton. 

I’m also an almost 50 year-old white mother living in the suburbs of Los Angeles with zero street cred or rap experience. So there’s that.  

Why am I telling you this?  Because it feels edgy, and edgy makes me feel ALIVE.  Because I’m experimental, I love to learn and I don’t mind playing the fool.  And because I’ve just signed up to learn from a brilliant hip hop artist named Kiyoshi who is going to help me bring this vision to life!

Yeah, I’m doing this for me, but also in service to YOU– and everyone who has wild, unexpected dreams that we no longer want to keep inside.  Let’s go, yo!

Some ideas for my handle (please cast your vote):

Fiddy Yrs

ElShi (pronounced “shy”)


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